Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fall Mason Jars Pillow

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a easy sewing / sublimation project.

This pillow is basically an envelope closure pillow that has a white polyester strip and ruffle on the front.   The finished pillow size is 18" x 18".

Fall Pillow


  • Cotton fabric for pillow.
  • Polyester fabric for front sublimation area
  • Ruffle / lace strip
  • Mason jar & flowers image - design # 93368 purchased from Silhouette store (.99 cents)
  • 18" x 18" pillow form (mine was purchased at Hobby Lobby)


  • From blue cotton fabric:  cut one at 19" x 19", cut one at 19" x 13", cut one at 19" x 14".
  • From white polyester fabric:  cut one at 19" x 8"
  • From ruffle strip:  cut at 19" length
  • Size the mason jar & flowers image at 9" x 5" and flip horizontally.  Sublimate onto the white polyester fabric.
  • Following sublimation, serge the long edges of the white polyester.
  • Sew the white polyester in the center of the 19" x 19" blue fabric.  I sewed all four edges.
  • Sew the ruffle strip on the bottom edge of white polyester.
  • Sew a 1 inch hem on the 19" x 13" and 19" x 14" fabric pieces.
  • With right sides together, sew along all four sides of pillow fabric.
  • Flip the pillow right side out
  • Inset 18" x 18" pillow form

Need a visual on sewing an envelope pillow?  Here's a good YouTube:  Envelope Pillow Beginner

Thank you for visiting today! ~ Marilyn

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Quillow - Blanket and Pillow

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a quick and easy sewing project.  I found several YouTube videos that I used as my tutorial in creating my quillow.

What is a Quillow?   A quillow is basically a fleece blanket that folds into a pillow.  So, unfolded you have a fleece blanket.  Folded up, it's a pillow.   I thought these would be great to keep either in your car or on your couch.  They could be used to take to a football game, too.  You could sit on them; then if it gets cool, unfold and you have a nice warm blanket to use.

Fleece blanket folds inside pillow covering

  • Fleece blanket - I purchased mine at Walmart for $5.88.  Unfolded it's the size of a twin blanket.
  • Two fat quarters - or two 18" x 18" square fabric pieces.


  • Sew the two fabric pieces or fat quarters right side together.  Leave a 2 inch opening for turning.  Once sewn, turn right side out and top stitch along the side that had the opening.  This creates your pillow portion.
  • Fold blanket in half to locate the center (at top of blanket).  Pin to mark.
  • Fold the pillow in half and pin to mark center.
  • Alien the centers of pillow and blanket and stitch around 3 sides.  Leave the top open - you'll need it to inset the blanket when folding.


  • Lay your finished quillow down with pillow side on underside.  
  • Fold blanket into thirds length-wise.  This basically folds each side up to seam of pillow.  
  • Starting at bottom, start folding the blanket up until it is the same size as the pillow.
  • Turn over to pillow side and flip pillow over to enclose the blanket.

Need a visual on how to make this?  (Me, too)

Finished and folded Quillow

It's a pillow when folded and a blanket when unfolded

Thank you for visiting today! ~ Marilyn