Friday, May 11, 2018

Personalized Door Mats

I've had a busy week making personalized door mats.   The process is done via sublimation.

Blank door mat :  mine was purchased at Home Depot
Sublimation :  printer, ink and heat press
Design :  Silhouette Design software

1.  First purchase the blank door mat  - mine were found at Home Depot

2.  Next decide what design you want on your door mat.   I used Silhouette software.   The split frame image was purchased from the Silhouette store.

3.  Print on sublimate transfer paper (using sublimation printer with ink).   Printed on 11" x 17" sublimation transfer paper.

4.   Press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds using pressure of 2-3.   I use heat tape to hold the paper to the mat while pressing. 

Remove transfer paper and enjoy. 

These would make great house warming gifts.

Thanks for joining me today!  ~ Marilyn

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Easy Toddler Skirt

I actually have a Pinterest Win to share today.   The blogger posted a DIY Baby and Toddler Skirt Tutorial that this was an easy 10 minute skirt.   I'm thinking . . . well, let's try it and see. 

Blog post :

I used the recommend yardage for a size 2T (19.5" waist), found a remnant of pink fabric and lace in my stash and 3/4" elastic.

Elastic:  19.5"
Skirt fabric:  19.5 x 2 = 39"   in width;   19.5" / 2 = about 10" in height
Lace:  19.5 x 2 = 39"

  1. First step is to fold top of skirt fabric down 1" to make a casing for the elastic.   I serged all the edges (top, side, bottom) to take care of raw fabric - then folded down the 1" at the top.   I ironed it and went ahead and stitched along the entire length.
  2. Second step is to fold bottom of skirt fabric up 1/4 " and iron.   Then stitch the lace along the inside hem fold; which secures the lace on and finishes the hem. 
  3. Third step was to pull the elastic through the top casing.   I stitched both ends of elastic to fabric casing.
  4. Last step is to sew the two skirt edges together.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this really WAS the easiest method to crank out a toddler skirt! 

Here's the finished skirt:

And here is my two year old granddaughter trying the skirt on:

Perfect fit!

Here are other sizes recommended by the blogger:

0-3 mo    16"
3-6 mo    17"
6-12 mo  17.5"
18 mo      18"
24 mo      19"
2T           19.5"
3T            20"

Thanks for joining me today!  ~ Marilyn