Friday, January 26, 2018

Heart Kitchen Towel

Valentine's Day is coming up soon.   Time to add some lovin' in the kitchen.

To make this towel you will need:

Kitchen Towel:  I have a partial package of microfiber kitchen towels that I purchased last year off of Amazon. 
Square1 Iron-on:  One sheet
Heat Press

Using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut out 10 two-inch hearts that were color filled with various floral designs.  All the hearts will easily fit onto one sheet of Square1 Iron-on.   Just print from your Silhouette program using your home printer.   Once printed, the hearts were cut out using my Cameo.

I laid out the hearts in onto my towel and heat pressed for about 20 seconds.   And that's it! 

Thanks for joining me today!  ~ Marilyn

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dog Bandanna

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a Sewing / Square 1 project.

I made this dog bandanna today for my grand-dog, Molly.

To make you'll need:
  • Square fabric for bandanna
  • 1 sheet of Square 1 Iron-on

Making the Bandanna:

Cut one square fabric piece to fit your pet.  Here's a general guide for sizing:

  • Small = 14" square
  • Medium = 18" square
  • Large = 22" square
  • Extra Large = 26" square

Molly is a black Labrador and I cut my fabric at 24" square.  If it's too big, they can roll the top down to fit her neck.

Fold fabric right sides together on the diagonal, making a triangle.  Sew the two open sides together leaving a space for turning.
Turn right side out and press.
Top stitch on the same two sewn sides, closing the open turn space in the process.
Note:  do not sew or top stitch along the top where the fold is.   This part of the bandanna is the selvage and needs to be able to have some give and stretch to make it comfortable on your pet.

Adding Bone and Name to Bandanna:

Find a bone image (there are many in the Silhouette Store available).   Color fill as desired (I used brown).   Add pet's name and fill text in white.  I used Impact font for mine. 
Add an offset of 0.08 to bone and use this as your cut line.
Print and cut image on a sheet of Square1 Iron-On.   Heat press image to front of bandanna at 380 degrees for 20 seconds.

Thank you for visiting today! ~ Marilyn