Friday, December 30, 2011

Monogram Coasters

Aren't these pretty?   I created these coasters as a Christmas gift for my brother.   They came out so well, I may make more for myself.

Here's how they are made:

1.  Glass tiles bought at Home Depot. (four tiles)
2.  Glass etching cream (available at craft stores)
3.  Cricut cartridge Songbird to create stensils.
4.  Cork self-stick roll bought at craft store.
5.  Vinyl

Cut designs from Songbird onto vinyl.   Place vinyl on glass tiles and cover top of tile with etching cream.   I waited for 45 minutes then washed cream off in the sink under running water.   Cut cork and stick to back of tiles.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Diaper Cake - Cricut Style

This is a fun project to make for your next baby shower.

Cake Ingredients:
 1.  Diapers.  I purchased a box of diapers (#2 size) to use.   I believe there may have been 72 diapers in the box.
2.  4 baby receiving blankets (bought in package at Target)
3.   Lots of rubber bands
4.   Multiple (I think I made a dozen) 4 inch and 3.5 inch Cricut cuts (I used Create a Critter, 9 Months, Simply Charmed cartridges).
5.   Colored popcycle sticks (bought at Michaels).
6.  Hot glue gun.
7.  13" charger plate (bought at Michaels)
8.  Ribbon

To assemble the cake:
Start out rolling each diaper and placing a rubber band around each one.   (I did this a couple of days before in front of the TV).

Make 3 tiers of diapers:  large, medium,small.   I put a big rubber band around each tier which was then covered with a baby receiving blanket (I folded the blankets length-way in fourths).   Add another big rubber band around the receiving blankets to hold in place allowing you to tie up with a pretty ribbon.   The bottom tier will take two receiving blankets.

Cut out a dozen different Cricut shapes.   The bottom and middle tiers need about a 4 inch size; top tier need about 3.5 inch size.   Hot glue your Cricut shapes to colored popcycle sticks.   Insert around the cake...make sure you make one for the top of the cake.

Once done, place cake on the charger plate and wrap.   Super cute.