Sunday, July 27, 2014

Creating a Split Letter in Silhouette

Hello, Friends.  Marilyn here with a tutorial on how to create a split letter in Silhouette.

Split Letter - Regal Font

  • Here's what you'll need:
  • Silhouette software
  • Regal Font - available for free here.

If you don't already have the Regal Font, you'll need to  download and install to the fonts folder on your computer.  Next open up your Silhouette software, select Regal font and type the letter of your choice.  Enlarge the letter and color fill in black for better viewing.

Now let's split the letter.  Draw a thin rectangle and place it in the center of your letter - or wherever you want the letter to split.

Select the Letter and Rectangle and select Subtract.  You'll be left with a blank in the center of your letter.

The Subtract function will cause your letter to be un-grouped.  Select the top portion of the letter only and Group.  Do the same thing with the bottom portion of your letter.

Make a larger gap between the top and bottom portion by moving the top portion up.  I moved mine up until I had about 2" between the two parts.

Draw a small thin rectangle and color fill in black.  Place the rectangle at the bottom of your top portion.

Create a copy of your rectangle and position at the top of your bottom section.

Select the top portion and top rectangle and Weld together.  Repeat this process for the bottom rectangle and bottom portion of your letter.  After welding, you'll need to Group and the pieces of the top together and all the pieces of the bottom together.

Type any extra text you would like to add.  I used Brannoll Fet font and added "The Leonard Family" to the blank section.  I also added names at the bottom.

That's all there is to creating a split font.  Thank you for visiting today! ~ Marilyn

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pencil Dispenser

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a back-to-school project - a pencil dispenser for a 2nd grade teacher.

Pencil Dispenser

While the kiddos are out enjoying their summer vacation, teachers are working behind the scenes getting their classrooms ready for the upcoming school year.  I have many family members who are teachers - from pre-k to college.   One of my DILs is a 2nd grade teacher and she spotted this on Pinterest with a note "I need this!"  How could I turn her down?  LOL!

Pinterest Inspiration

Here's what you need for this project:

  • Straw Dispenser - I purchased mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $14.99
  • Pencils - I used 48 colored pencils purchased at Walmart
  • Square1 Repostionable - 1 sheet approximated $1
  • Silhouette Cutter 
  • Stickles
Open the straw dispenser and remove the straws that come with it.  Remove all tape and labels.  I had to use Goo Gone to get some of the sticky stuff off.

Straw Dispenser purchase at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $14.99

Next you will need to decide what to put on the outside of the new pencil dispenser.  I liked all the polka dots from my inspiration picture.  I also wanted the teacher's name included.  Using my Silhouette software, I typed the text I want and colored filled.  I also made a bunch of .75" circles and filled with assorted colors.  

I turned on the registration marks and sent my design to my ink jet printer that had a sheet of Square1 Repositionable in it.  Once printed, I loaded the Square1 onto a mat and cut out the shapes with my Cameo.

Printed Square1 ready to be cut
The Square1 will peel right off the backing and apply like a sticker.  I positioned the "PENCILS" in the center and placed "MRS." above and "GARRETT" below.  The colored circles were randomly placed.

Pencil dispenser with Square1 applied
Time to add the pencils!  I chose the different colored #2 pencils.  Love the colors.

#2 pencils purchased at Walmart

After all the pencils were in, the dispenser looked like this:

Dispenser with Pencils inside

Now, a little bling and sparkle.  I added Stickles to the letters.

Completed Pencil Dispenser all Blinged Up!
Thank you for visiting my blog today! ~ Marilyn

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Square1 Ultimate Road Test

Hello, Friends!  It's no secret that I've been a fan of Square1 for a while now.  In fact, there's a tab above this post that contains links to most of the projects I've done using Square1.  

And just to be up front - I'm not an owner, nor do I receive any compensation from Square1.  I'm sincerely a fan of the product.

If you look through my past Square1 projects, you'll see that Square1 can be used for home decor, clothing, shoes and oh so much more.  The product is relatively new to the market and I believe it's possible that even the Square1 owners don't know the full capacity of it.  

So, with that in mind, let's take Square1 out for a test ride - literally - see if it holds up on the road.  On a car that's driven daily and washed at least weekly.   If it works . . . oh the possibilities.  And while at the time of this post the results are unknown, I have that gut feeling that it survive and with flying colors.

2005 Mustang "Red Girl"
Using Square1 repositionable, I made a center cap for the 4 wheels on this 2005 Mustang.  She's a beauty.  Her owner loves her and calls her "Red Girl."  Parts are expensive and at times hard to find.

Screen shot of my Silhouette mat before printing and cutting.
To make the center caps, I found this Ford Racing logo online and traced it.  Four 2.25" circles were color filled in black with the traced logo in the center.   I added the registration marks in my Silhouette software and sent it to my ink jet printer that had a sheet of Square1 printable in it.   Once printed, the four circles were cut on my Silhouette Cameo.

One of the Center Caps with printed image

The printed circles were sprayed with Krylon Crystal Clear, peeled from the carrier sheet and placed onto the center of each Center Cap.  The Krylon will protect the printed image from outside elements and abuse.

The owner of Red Girl picked up the Center Caps and installed them on his beloved car.

Center Cap after installed onto the wheel

And was he happy with the results?  In a word, YES!  This car now has custom Center Caps and pics of it are circulating at this time on Mustang Forums.

Stay tuned for future updates.  If this is a success, look out Square1, here come the car collectors and enthusiasts!

Happy Trails! ~ Marilyn

Saturday, July 19, 2014

You Only Live Once, Lick The Bowl

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a kitchen decor project.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Canvas - I'm using an old one 8" x 10" found in a back bedroom closet
  • Paint - mine is Spring Green from Apple Barrel (available at Michaels)
  • Square 1 Printable - approximate cost is $1 per 8.5" x 11" sheet
  • Image from Silhouette Store - I used design #51833
  • Silhouette software and cutter
  • Ink Jet Printer
  • Stickles

Begin by painting your canvas.  I found an old one that looks like it was a victim of a previous failed project.  It was covered in a couple of different colored paints and had some paper clouds mod podged on it.

Sad, old canvas
I painted my canvas with Apple Barrel acrylic paint in a Spring Green color.  After covering with paint, let it dry while you do the next part.

I'm seriously messy!  Dry time approximately 1 hour.

My inspiration for this project came from Pinterest.  I found this image which was available for $18.

Inspiration for my project.  Print for sale at $18
Using the Silhouette store, I found a mixer that I wanted to use.  Design #51833.

Design #51833 from the Silhouette Store
Using my inspiration and Silhouette image, I designed my project using Silhouette software.  The background polka dots came with my Silhouette software.  The wavy edges were created using the knife tool in the Silhouette software and selecting "Wave" button.

Snapshot of my mat layout before printing and cutting

 Group all items together and use cut setting of "Cut Edge".  Add the registration marks. Send the design to your ink jet printer; make sure you have loaded a sheet of Square 1 Printable first.

Your cut image will feel like fabric and behave like a sticker.  Lay it onto your painted canvas.

I added Stickles to the pink letters as well as the beaters on the mixer.  You can still see an uneven spot by the bottom of the mixer where the old mod podge had been.  This won't be a issue with a new canvas.

Thank you for visiting my blog today! ~ Marilyn

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pool Party Shoes

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a tutorial to make some fun and inexpensive shoes to wear at that next pool party or maybe at the lake.
DIY Pool Party Shoes

Here's what you'll needed:

  • Blank canvas slip-ons (mine are from Walmart and cost $5.87)

slip on canvas shoes purchased at Walmart

  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Images from Miss Kate's Cuttables
  • Square 1 Printable (approx. $1 per sheet) - link available on right hand side of screen.
  • Ink Jet Printer

Use fabric glue when you are ready to make image placement permanent
Use Krylon Crystal Clear to give a nice protection to your shoes

  • Fabric Glue (available at craft stores and Walmart)
  • Krylon Crystal Clear (found at Hobby Lobby and Michaels)

Select images from Miss Kate's Cuttables.  Color and size to your preference.  Set all images to cut outside edge only, making everything a print and cut.  Add your registration marks and send to printer (loaded with Square 1 Printable first)

Load Silhouette Cameo with your printed Square 1 and cut.

Cut settings are here:

Determine where you want to place your images.  Since the Square 1 is re-positionable, you can move around until you're happy with the placement.  The Square 1 will behave like a sticker.

The waves will be longer than you need.  I just used my thumbnail and made a crease, then hand cut at groove created.

White lines were created within Silhouette using internal offset button and line type of dashed lines.

Once you're happy with the placement, permanently attach images with fabric glue.  You'll want to spray with Krylon Crystal Clear when done to give a nice protection to your shoes.

Thank you for visiting my blog today! ~ Marilyn

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pain Relief Creme

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a creme to relieve body pain.  I found this recipe on an Essential Oil Facebook Group called Only One Drop.   The post for the creme had several comments claiming the the creme relieved grandma's arthritis and swelling.

I have to say that at the time of this post, I have not personally tried the creme.  My husband has knee pain and my sister-in-law suffers from painful arthritis.  I plan on using them as my test guinea pigs.

Pain Relief Creme

The recipe is pretty simple:

Pain Relief Creme
1/4 cup coconut oil
10 drops PanAway Essential Oil
10 drops Valor Essential Oil
10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
10 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
10 drops Copaiba Essential Oil

Essential Oils, Coconut Oil 

Whip all ingredients together and store in a glass jar.

All ingredients whipped together and ready to store in glass jars

The creme feels pretty greasy.  I plan on storing the creme in my refrigerator.

 I really hope this works well for my husband and sister-in-law. ~ Marilyn

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SBC July Card Kit

Today kicks off another card kit by the SBC team.  July's kit contains a great patriotic stamp and lots of red, white and blue colors.  Here are the cards I created from my kit:

Card 1

Card 1

Card 2

Card 2

Card 3

Card 3

Thank you for visiting my blog today! ~ Marilyn

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