Saturday, May 3, 2014

Baby Bibs

Hello, Friends.  I love making my own gifts.  And it appears a baby boom is on the horizon.  I purchased a few blank bibs in pink, blue and red from TSC Apparel for $1.81 each.  Then purchased a design from Silhouette store for .99 and used a sheet of Square1 Printable Iron-On (approximately $2.22 per sheet).
For This Child I Prayed

  • Bib from TSC Apparel - $1.81 each
  • Silhouette Design #18733 - $ .99
  • Square1 Printable Iron-On - $2.22 per sheet.  I was able to print both on one sheet.
  • Total cost = $6.83 for both bibs or $3.42 each

  • First measure and determine how big you want your design.  I decided on 6" for these bibs.
Pre-heat heat press
  • Settings when using a heat press are: 325 degrees and 4 seconds.  This product can also be applied with a home iron.  I used heat press simply because we have a home based t-shirt business and it was available for me.
  • Press the bib alone without design first for 4 seconds.  
Silhouette settings
Silhouette process:
  • Select design and size to 6".  
  • Color fill with your choice of colors.  
  • I also added text "For This Child I Prayed"  
  • Group all together and set cut lines at Cut Edge.   
  • Add registration marks.  
  • Print on home printer.  
  • Cut with settings of Speed 5, Thickness 13, Blade 5.

Completed baby bib
  • Place Silhouette image onto pre-heated bib.  
  • Cover with teflon sheet and press for 4 seconds at 325 degrees.  

This really is a simple process.  If you already know how to do print and cut with the Silhouette, you are more than half-way there.

Thank you for visiting today! ~ Marilyn