Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Decorative Vinyl Tray

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a tutorial on using vinyl to create a decorative tray.  My tip:  Measure Twice, Cut Once... not original but definitely applies when cutting vinyl.

Here is what I used:
  • Vinyl - silver vinyl.  I ordered this through eBay.
  • Transfer Tape. 
  • Tray - black wooden tray I found on sale at Michaels two years ago. 
  • Cricut Cartridge - Songbird. 

  • First step is to measure the tray and determine what size font will fit.
Cricut Craft Room software
  • In the Cricut Craft Room (CCR), I selected the font text from Songbird Cricut Cartridge.  I changed the Letter Spacing to -22 in order to weld the letters together.  I then made the length 9.9".
  • Next, I cut the font text out using card stock to make sure I was happy with the size.

  • Once satisfied with the sizing, I cut the font text using vinyl. 
  • Settings for cutting vinyl:  blade 3, speed low, pressure medium

  • Weed and remove all the negative cuts.

  • Place transfer tape over the weeded vinyl.  Rub with the tool provided in the vinyl to make sure everything is attached.

  • Remove from Cricut mat and place vinyl onto the tray using the transfer tape.  Rub well with the tool provided.

  • Remove the transfer tape.  Pulling at an angle is the easiest method.

  • And there you go. 

  • Angels always makes my name look nicer.

Thank you for joining me today.  I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  As always, comments are welcomed and appreciated!

~ Marilyn