Sunday, May 13, 2012

Explosion Box - Photos

I made this explosion box with photos for my mother on Mother's Day.  

Explosion Box folded up with lid.  Bow not needed to hold close - used for decorative purposes only.
The concept is simple enough :

1.   12" x 12" card stock (two sided is best).   Score at 4" on all sides; cut out the 4 inch squares from all four corners.
2.  11" x 11" card stock.   Score at 3.75" on all sides; cut out the four corners.
3.  10" x 10" card stock.   Score at 3.5" on all sides; cut out the four corners.
4.  Lid is 8.125" x 8.125" card stock.  Score at 2" on all sides.   Slit at two ends and create box lid.
5.   Attach the other 3 card stocks together and decorate (I used photos).
6.  Fold up to create box bottom and attach lid.

Want a .svg of this?   Leave a comment with instructions on where to email, and I'll send to you.

Explosion box opened.   I added photos to all flaps with date and place notations.