Friday, December 26, 2014

Silhouette Knock-Out Technique

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a technique that may be new to some of you.  Those who use it call it the knock-out technique.

Here is an example of what the knock-out technique looks like.

Silhouette Knock-Out Design Technique
To create my example, I first typed out the "Happy New Year" in black using a thick font (I used Impact).  The line spacing will need to be adjusted to make the lines closer to each other.

Then I typed 2015 in blue using the font Arial.  The colorful confetti was purchased and downloaded from the Silhouette store.

Design #17667 from Silhouette Store

I color filled the confetti and placed around the 2015 text.

Step 1 - design 

Next place the 2015-confetti design on top of the Happy New Year text and duplicate - you'll need two copies of your design for this effect.

Step 2 - place 2015-confetti design on top of Happy New Year and create an extra copy.
Highlight the top design and choose "crop".  You'll notice that your left over pieces are all black.  You'll need to group and color-fill the top design again.

Step 3 - crop the top design.  Recolor all the pieces and group.

Using your second copy, highlight and choose "subtract".  Regroup all the pieces once done.

Step 4 - subtract using the second copy.  Regroup once done.

Now place the top design on top of the bottom aligning in the blank spots.

Step 5 - align two designs on top of each other and group again.

Once aligned, you get your final knock-out design.

I used my knockout image to make a New Year's t-shirt.  But, you could also use it on a card or any other project.

Knock-Out design applied to a t-shirt.

Thank you for joining me today! ~ Marilyn