Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cricut Cake

I have an awesome, sweet and beautiful granddaughter, Rachel, who is learning how to decorate cakes.   She's really good at it too.   She designs using an old fashioned method called talent.   Becasue of this, I decided to purchase the Cricut Cake machine.   After all, I love to play with my Cricut Expression and I love Rachel - natural conculsion.   The Cricut Cake machine works much the same as the Cricut Expression with one difference, the cake machine uses icing (fondant / gum paste) instead of paper.   And there lies the big issue.   Icing doesn't play nice - at least not for me.   Rachel, Kristin (Rachel's mother) and I tried all day to make a simple decoration to go on top of cup cakes.   Several HOURS later we have a few done.   How is this better than just using a cheap cookie cutter?

I decided to research via YouTube.   First there aren't that many videos out there.   The few I found that had success labored about as long as I did.   Some made their own fondant.   Once the icing is on the Cricut Cake mat, you have to put it into the frige for 20 minutes, cut a few, then start all over again.   What ever you do DON"T take a break or answer the phone.   My suggestion to all that may be interested in the Cricut Cake Machine - don't bother.   Save your money until ProvCraft figures out a way to make this a useful product.   Stick to cookie cutters and talent.

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  1. I bought a new cartridges this weekend, "Cindy Lo". I,m going to try it out tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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