Friday, April 20, 2012

Vase Painting

Trash to Treasure?   Not sure.   All I know for certain is it was a lot of fun!

So, I spotted this flower vase up on a shelf in my garage.   Its been in the same spot for years.   Time for a vase make-over.

Step 1:  wash with soap and water.   Looks better already.

Step 2:  Run to Michaels and purchase supplies.  Perm Enamel paint set:  $3.99.  Accent Liner:  .99 cents.  Glitter glaze:  .99 cents.   I already had the paint brushes shown.

I needed some painting inspiration.   I've never done this before.   This flower looks nice.   Dosn't look too complicated.

And looks pretty good inside the vase as well.

So, I applied the Surface Conditioner and started drawing different designs on the vase with the Accent Liner.   Seemed like the way to go.

After all the designs were drawn, I started painting what I had outlined.

Here I am.   Happy as a clam.   Just like grade school :-)

All the painting was done.   Maybe I should add some dimensition.   Viva Decor Pearl Pens - says that they work on glass.   I order these months ago from Custom Crops and have been using them on my paper crafts.

Maybe I went a little overboard?

There's that flower I tried to imitate from my inspiration picture.

How about all them dots?  Too much, you say?

The yellow sun flower looking image started out as a balloon.   Somewhere in the process it looking more like a sunflower.

And there you have it.   My first painted glass vase.   May not be a master piece, but oh so much fun to do.   Tomorrow I need to add the Glitter Glaze... and maybe some flowers?

Final touches.   Added some paint to the rim of vase and applied the Glitter Glaze.   Vase must air dry for 10 days.   After that the paint is dishwasher and microwave safe.   Not sure why I would want to microwave, but there you have it.