Friday, May 23, 2014

How Many Guide - Kitchen Towels

Hello, Friends!  There's a handy guide circling Facebook that shows a conversion guide between different cooking measurements.

What's Needed:

Image found on Facebook

Super handy!

I saved the image to my desktop and added it into my Silhouette program.

Silhouette software fits 3 to a page
I printed three on one sheet of Square1 Iron-On.  Image was sized at 3" width and 6" height, then rotated 90 degrees.

Grabbed some previously purchased kitchen towels and washed them before applying the Square 1 Iron-On.  (Towels purchased from Walmart)

Towels purchased at Walmart

After washing and drying the towels, I pressed them in my heat press for 4 seconds on 325 degrees.  Next I laid my conversion guide where I wanted it, covered with Teflon sheet and pressed in the heat press for 4 seconds at 325 degrees.

Square 1 Iron-On applied to Kitchen Towel
All done - hanging in the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by! ~ Marilyn

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