Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pencil Dispenser

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a back-to-school project - a pencil dispenser for a 2nd grade teacher.

Pencil Dispenser

While the kiddos are out enjoying their summer vacation, teachers are working behind the scenes getting their classrooms ready for the upcoming school year.  I have many family members who are teachers - from pre-k to college.   One of my DILs is a 2nd grade teacher and she spotted this on Pinterest with a note "I need this!"  How could I turn her down?  LOL!

Pinterest Inspiration

Here's what you need for this project:

  • Straw Dispenser - I purchased mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $14.99
  • Pencils - I used 48 colored pencils purchased at Walmart
  • Square1 Repostionable - 1 sheet approximated $1
  • Silhouette Cutter 
  • Stickles
Open the straw dispenser and remove the straws that come with it.  Remove all tape and labels.  I had to use Goo Gone to get some of the sticky stuff off.

Straw Dispenser purchase at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $14.99

Next you will need to decide what to put on the outside of the new pencil dispenser.  I liked all the polka dots from my inspiration picture.  I also wanted the teacher's name included.  Using my Silhouette software, I typed the text I want and colored filled.  I also made a bunch of .75" circles and filled with assorted colors.  

I turned on the registration marks and sent my design to my ink jet printer that had a sheet of Square1 Repositionable in it.  Once printed, I loaded the Square1 onto a mat and cut out the shapes with my Cameo.

Printed Square1 ready to be cut
The Square1 will peel right off the backing and apply like a sticker.  I positioned the "PENCILS" in the center and placed "MRS." above and "GARRETT" below.  The colored circles were randomly placed.

Pencil dispenser with Square1 applied
Time to add the pencils!  I chose the different colored #2 pencils.  Love the colors.

#2 pencils purchased at Walmart

After all the pencils were in, the dispenser looked like this:

Dispenser with Pencils inside

Now, a little bling and sparkle.  I added Stickles to the letters.

Completed Pencil Dispenser all Blinged Up!
Thank you for visiting my blog today! ~ Marilyn

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