Saturday, August 30, 2014

DIY Cake Carrier

Hello, Friends!  Marilyn here with a DIY Cake Carrier project.  I've seen these cake carriers all over the Pinterest board.  It appears to me that they were all created using vinyl.  Vinyl definitely  works, but I much prefer working with Square1 printable.

Finished Cake Carrier

Here's what you'll need :

  • Cake Carrier - I've actually seen nice ones at the Dollar Store.  But today I didn't score and had to purchase mine at Walmart.
  • Square1 Printable (or vinyl) - I used about 1 1/2 sheets per cake carrier.
  • Tulle or Ribbon - just to fancy it up
  • Silhouette Software
  • Cameo Cutter

Step 1:  Get the cake carrier.  As I said above, I've seen nice ones at the Dollar Store and could just kick myself for not getting one when I saw it.  The ones used in this post are from Walmart.

Cake Carrier from Walmart

Step 2:  Make your designs.  I decided upon an initial with chevron fill.  It's sized at about 4.5" in height.  The polka dots are all 1" circles that are color filled with random color selections.

Design within Silhouette Software.
The initial was created using the Bookman Old Style font in bold.
See all the 1" circles?  I way underestimated what I needed - double the number.

Step 3:  Print and Cut.  Load a sheet of Square1 Printable in your printer and print normally making sure you've added the registration marks first.  Once done, load to your Cameo and cut outside lines only.  (All those chevron lines are way too much work to deal with.  That's another reason why I'm using Square1 Printable instead of vinyl.)

Cut your images - outside lines only
Step 4:  Peal and Stick.  Yep - it's that easy.  Love Square1 Printable for this reason.  Super user friendly in my opinion.

Cake Carriers before ribbon and tulle
Step 5:  Add some tulle or ribbon on top.  Now prior to this, I had assumed that I had lots of tulle in lots of colors.  Reality is so sad sometimes.  I ended up using a little tulle on one carrier and some curling ribbon on the other.

Finished Cake Carrier

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today and will visit again soon! ~ Marilyn

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