Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wedding Ideas - Glitter Pinecones

Since the upcoming wedding is scheduled for October, the bride-to-be wanted pinecones to accent her tables.  She is a bling kind of girl, so we wanted to add glitter to the pinecones.  But, we didn't want the glitter coming off on our guests.

FYI - the pinecones we used were all just picked off the ground, none were purchased.

We were able to accomplish this goal by mixing our glitter with Mod Podge "Luster."  Once we had our Mod Podge mixture, we just painted it on to our pinecones. 

Glitter Pinecones

The pinecones came out so pretty and shimmery - and no glitter residue.
We used three different colors of glitter:  gold, glitz and champagne. 

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