Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wedding Ideas - Wedding Ribbon Wands

Back in my day the newly married couple was blessed with rice as they departed the wedding / reception.  From there it went to bird seed, bubbles and confetti.  Today's tradition has evolved to the ribbon wand.  Personally, I like it. 

Wedding Ribbon Wands
These little ribbon wands are fun to use and simple to create.  I purchased a 36" long wood dowel and cut into three 12" sections.  After sanding the ends, I painted the dowels in an orange color to match the bride's color scheme.

Next I cut two different ribbons at 16" each and attached them to the top of the dowel with hot glue. 

I purchased a package of jingle bells and liberty bells.  (I'm assuming they were called liberty bells due to the fact that they were being sold around the 4th of July.)  I ran some twine through the top of each and tied them to the dowel.  They are secured with a drop of hot glue.

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